Manual Hoists


    :: Capacity 250 - 10,000 kg
    :: 3m Standard Height Of Lift
    :: Corrosion Proof And Calibrated Load Chain
    :: Hand Chain Galvanised
    :: ISO Hooks With Safety Latch
    :: Overload Limiter As Standard
    :: Machined Chain Sprocket And Gears
    :: Extra Height Of Lift Available
    :: Hand Chain Is 0.5m Less Than Lift Height
    :: Stainless Steel And ATEX Certified Models

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    Product Description

    Manual Hoists - Technical Features

    Machined Chain Sprocket And Gears Provide A Smoother, More Efficient Operation

    :: Overload Limiting Device Prevents Lifting Loads Beyond The Rated Capacity
    :: 3 m Standard Height Of Lift
    :: Hand Chain Is 0.5 m Less Than Lift Height
    :: Extra Height Of Lift Available If Required
    :: High Strength Grade 80 Alloy Steel Load Chain With Galvanised Finish For Corrosion Resistance
    :: Rugged Construction Featuring Steel Gearcase And Handwheel Cover
    :: Hooks Are Alloy Steel, Heat Treated And Equipped With Hook Latches And Inspection Points

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